Talking Lemongrab

The shrieking is intentional, don't worry.

Team/Roles: Solo project

Date: March, 2015

Skills used: Crochet, soldering, electronics, Arduino

Project Summary

     This project served as a two-week final for my Prototyping Studio class in the UW Master's of Human-Computer Interaction + Design program. The project's focus was freeform, and I decided to leverage my interest, skill, and experience in textile work to make my prototype medium crochet. Following the concept of "a doll which is endearingly irritating," I decided to prototype the character the Earl of Lemongrab from the cartoon Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward, as a parody. The character is both supremely annoying and strangely endearing, so he seemed appropriate.

Process: Week 1

     Most of the first week of the project was spent crocheting. Textile work takes a lot of time, and care must be taken to keep stitches even; even minor mistakes can result in a misshapen final product. I modified an existing pattern from the knitting and crocheting website Ravelry, since with a two week time limit I would not have been able to recover from a misstep in pattern design in time, due to the nature of the medium. My modifications were mostly in size and stitch density, as the original pattern created a smaller doll than I wanted, and the doll needed to accommodate interior electronics without noticeable bulge on its surface.

Process: Week 2

     Once the initial crocheting was finished, I began to work on the code. Electronic materials for this project were an Arduino Uno, a wave shield to enable the Arduino to work with 22KHz 12bit audio from an SD card, a small speaker embedded in the doll's neck, and a tilt sensor inside the doll's torso. I used the waveHC library to code the audio. The code was set up so that a button press on the breadboard would cycle through five quotes, and the doll being tilted would make it scream. You can listen to each audio clip yourself below, if you dare. Audio is taken directly from Adventure Time.


"This castle is in unacceptable condition! Unacceptable!"

"So, which one of you was it? Who did the thing?"

"You must heed my instructions!"